As Nampa Rings in the New Year, Let the Corks Fly!

Nampa New Year’s Festivities May Include Corks and Toots

Nampa’s New Year’s Day Sports are No Coincidence


Friday brings on Nampa’s New Year’s Eve festivities, this year only partially hindered by pandemic-related constraints. Whatever New Year’s Eve celebrations will be observed in your own circle of friends and family, celebrants who remain wakeful will doubtless be watching the Ball Drop before the somewhat reduced assemblage in Times Square—if for no other reason than to see how this year’s mass of humanity can be said to remain socially distanced.

Closer to home, in the most ambitious New Year’s Eve gatherings, champagne corks will fly, noisemakers will rattle and toot, and confetti will fill the air (at first—then the floor, and tomorrow, wastepaper baskets). With Saturday’s debut of Nampa’s New Year, a fair number of fellow residents can be expected to fall into line with the traditional observances: the making of New Year’s resolutions, trying to watch the Rose Parade floats while tuning out the barrage of promotional chatter—followed by Rose, Citrus, and Outback Bowls, among others. It’s no coincidence that the sedentary appeal of non-stop stupefying televised sporting events coincides so perfectly with the need to recover from New Year’s Eve celebrations…

As for your own New Year’s resolutions, if one of them has to do with exploring the imminent buying or selling of Nampa homes, there’s no need to interrupt your New Year’s Day observances by phoning me up. The next day will do fine!